Value of being in a community

5 Good Reasons of Volunteering of being Part of a Community.

#1: It’s good for you. Volunteering provides physical and mental growth. Reduces stress. Experts said that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns.

#2: It also brings many resources together.  Volunteers gain professional experience. It brings people together. As a volunteer you assist in uniting people from different backgrounds to work toward a common goal. 

#3: It promotes personal growth and self esteem. You learn a lot because volunteers discover hidden talents that may change their view on their self worth. 

#4: You get a chance to give your opinion. People like to support community giving their ideas and opinions that they use themselves as a benefit. 

#5: You make a difference. Every person counts in a community!




4 thoughts on “Value of being in a community

  1. G’day Aliou,
    Some great reasons for volunteering and being part of a special community. I wonder if you could find a webpage to link to something you have mentioned in your writing.

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