What is your weekly timetable?

At Isd we have get to school at least at 8:25 because class starts at 8:30. We have two periods of 85 minutes and between them we have a 5 minute break to get to class in time. Sometimes after the second period we have a 35 minutes for 3 activity possibilities depending on the day we are. 1 of the activities is extend block which gives us time to work on homework or other academic stuff. There is also advisory which is when teachers meet with small groups of students for the purpose of advising them on academic, social, or future-planning issues. And finally there is community meeting where we meet with the whole high school gets reunited to talk about events that are happening at school or announcements and we can share and ask questions. After these 35 minutes we have lunch at 11:55. We have a 30 minutes break and we have 5 minutes added to get to our third period. The third period is also 85 minutes. We have 10 minutes break which is the longest within periods to chat with our friends and get to class. Our final period is again 85 minutes and we finish school at 3:20 am.

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