How can tech be used to solve problems.

Did you know that nowadays people can do a lot of things by distance such as working or even sometimes it can come to killing. The video that we saw in class showed how the pirate bay where on the web and how geniuses they were but all they had to do is use the web. Another video we saw in class where a guy that messed up an industry in Iran just by repeating the code. Nowadays most of the people work on computers so it gives them the opportunity to work everywhere and anytime. The web has become the life of some people and they can’t stop using it. It is like a drug for some people and they spent most of the times watching movies and downloading music for free even though it is not legal. These people are called pirates because they are responsable by using an non copyright film, music, picture and many more. It’s the right of the owner to choose if he wants to copyright hisĀ film, music, picture and many more. Without the owner permission it is a crime and this could bring you to jail for steeling the property of somebody else.