GH Project #2 Reflection

Genius Hour Project #2

Our teacher gave us a huge variety of topics to choose for this topic. He recommended o choose a topic which would impact the world. But me and my partner had an idea that we really wanted to use even tough it did not have an impact on the world. So our Genius Hour presentation was about making a mashup video focusing on one soccer player and how he uses his skills in games .

At first  my group partner, and I wanted to film ourselves showing our skills in soccer train and show how we improve throughout time. Yet, we decided found to complicated after the second class of Genius Hour because we found to complicated to show ho we were improving so we made it easier and made it on a professional soccer player. Both of us had the same favorite player who is Cristiano Ronaldo so it wasn’t really complicated to pick. We choose it because we both had interest in this topic and we wanted to gain more knowledge. I often use my drone and I wanted to improve my skills in editing video so that I could have nice mashup after filming my videos. It could even help me in the future for work.

Throughout the process of researching, we contacted some professionals on our topic. Some of them took time to respond to our questions and some others didn’t even respond. When we got answer applied the techniques on our mashup video.

Not only, we also learnt how to use transitions on audio and video. We also know which applications or websites to use for editing from now on. Personally I have learnt more about copyright and how you can only use it for a few seconds. Before I didn’t think that you needed as much patience which me learn that editing takes a huge amount of time and a small error can impact the whole entire video itself.


I think it helped me as person because when editing I needed patience and I would always look back for mistakes and learn from them.

My next genius hour project, I want it to help with technology. I want to help the whole entire world. I really want to do a Genius Hour about how we should invest in electric cars more than our gas cars. This can really help the community and the earth because it would make less pollution and the air we would breath would be cleaner and maybe even increase our life expectancy. This is my main goal for my next genius hour project.

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SVR Alessandro_059 via Compfight

Creative Commons License Brandon Bailey via CompfightImagine All The People.. Reece Garside | Photography via Compfight

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6

BMW Vision GT

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Part 3 Twitter Connect

 Here is the list of the 10 people I follow that have related topics with mine. I am studying, on how to make a good soccer mashup. Those 10 twitter accounts are all movie directors, professors and people who just do it as their hobby.

Twitter List Experts 


They relate to my Genius Hour project (Movie Making) because they all have some experiences about this topic. For example, the  twitter account is artistic director and a movie professor. Most of them are like University professors or a few were actual film directors.

Last week, I’ve asked them questions about my topic; questions such as:

  1. What elements are needed to be included in a short soccer mashup for it to be relevant?
  2. Do I need to add any effects to make my mashup to be good?
  3. Which good app or website to use to make short movies?
  4. Do you have any more information to give me about movie making?

I asked those kind of questions because in diagnosis it is hard to have a good soccer mashup because there so much of them and I wanted mine to stand out from the others. I tried to ask them if they don’t know any professors as well that would know about this topic because some of them did not respond to my questions.


I was said “Hey” before asking any questions. I tried to be polite as well. It is always better to be polite by asking the question because the individual and you may not know each other. Maybe if your polite they will take your question more in consideration

This kind of information can help me throughout my Genius Hour project but not only also for an another project where I will need to do a mashup video. It could even help further like in my job career if I had to present any video. It can also make me able to help my classmates in movie making or other related topics. Asking those questions I had throughout my project could help me not just one time but even more.



My Process

After asking the specific questions  I had on my mashup video, I only got two answers back. It is pretty that I only received two out of ten. One of them did not really care about my question and responded “Try to App store my friend” because I ask him specific app that good to use for movie making. The other person who answered proposed me to direct message him and we started a conversation on the topic of my project.

For bell work, we used to get time to summarize what we see on our twitter feed about the ten experts we followed about our topics. Some of them weren’t really active on twitter. Sometimes I would tweet about one of my expert and he would re-tweet me but that was pretty rare. Only one of them followed me back. I would say that out of the ten experts only 4 had like a daily or weekly tweet.


One of these experts in particularly offer me lots of assistance and gave me a lot of attention, because I think he is used to receive messages for advises or help on this topic because he is a professor at an university. Another expert who did give as much assistance wasn’t really in movie making that much but he was mostly an artistic director.

Even if they did not know, I would also thank them for their time, because not everyone would have the time to answer. I continued the conversation, by thanking them, and asking further questions , like questions that I asked to experts who weren’t answered yet.

This process is a process that should definitely be used in many other schools because it can help students get their hands on other things than books. They can socialize online with people that may have more experience on these topics. This actually helps me as a student be open to ask questions online, to people who are experts and that I don’t even know. I might use this process for maybe another school project. Having other people resources around the world, can actually have a huge  benefit on your knowledge and the project you are working on, because it would bring all these ideas in one project.

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Value of being in a community

5 Good Reasons of Volunteering of being Part of a Community.

#1: It’s good for you. Volunteering provides physical and mental growth. Reduces stress. Experts said that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns.

#2: It also brings many resources together.  Volunteers gain professional experience. It brings people together. As a volunteer you assist in uniting people from different backgrounds to work toward a common goal. 

#3: It promotes personal growth and self esteem. You learn a lot because volunteers discover hidden talents that may change their view on their self worth. 

#4: You get a chance to give your opinion. People like to support community giving their ideas and opinions that they use themselves as a benefit. 

#5: You make a difference. Every person counts in a community!




What is your weekly timetable?

At Isd we have get to school at least at 8:25 because class starts at 8:30. We have two periods of 85 minutes and between them we have a 5 minute break to get to class in time. Sometimes after the second period we have a 35 minutes for 3 activity possibilities depending on the day we are. 1 of the activities is extend block which gives us time to work on homework or other academic stuff. There is also advisory which is when teachers meet with small groups of students for the purpose of advising them on academic, social, or future-planning issues. And finally there is community meeting where we meet with the whole high school gets reunited to talk about events that are happening at school or announcements and we can share and ask questions. After these 35 minutes we have lunch at 11:55. We have a 30 minutes break and we have 5 minutes added to get to our third period. The third period is also 85 minutes. We have 10 minutes break which is the longest within periods to chat with our friends and get to class. Our final period is again 85 minutes and we finish school at 3:20 am.

Genius Hour#1

My genius hour project was interesting and I learned a lot from it. I improve my skills in drawing cars which is my passion. I think the hardest part was making what I have learned from it. I enjoyed making this project because it’s something I like to do. It didn’t really have an impact on the world but I wish that when I grow up I will try to make my own car company and make all the cars electric or in some cases hybrid. It could of impacted the world by making less pollution and protect the environment it would also help so that we could use the resources of petrol for longer because a lot of people have cars which use petrol and can’t be used again once it’s used for energy for the car. I don’t really think my grade reflects on my project. Iwas a bit short from few seconds. But I’m still happy I did it.

How can tech be used to solve problems.

Did you know that nowadays people can do a lot of things by distance such as working or even sometimes it can come to killing. The video that we saw in class showed how the pirate bay where on the web and how geniuses they were but all they had to do is use the web. Another video we saw in class where a guy that messed up an industry in Iran just by repeating the code. Nowadays most of the people work on computers so it gives them the opportunity to work everywhere and anytime. The web has become the life of some people and they can’t stop using it. It is like a drug for some people and they spent most of the times watching movies and downloading music for free even though it is not legal. These people are called pirates because they are responsable by using an non copyright film, music, picture and many more. It’s the right of the owner to choose if he wants to copyright his film, music, picture and many more. Without the owner permission it is a crime and this could bring you to jail for steeling the property of somebody else.

Quality Commenting

A quality comment should include nice compliments. It should make you happy and also it doesn’t always need to be nice it can also make the writer how to improve his idea. You can give feedback. It also has to be appropriate and use the right language. Finally it has to be constructive.

Hello It’s me

Hello, it’s me, I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. To go over everything. They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing. Hello, can you hear me? I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be. When we were younger and free. I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet. There’s such a difference between us. And a million miles.